Sendible Advanced

Learn how to ride the social media marketing wave and take it one step further.

There’s so much more to social media management than publishing.

Take this course to learn how to curate content the smart way, collaborate with your team to improve customer experiences and prove your ROI.

The Sendible Advanced course will introduce you to some of the most useful features of our tool, like Smart Queues, setting up user hierarchies, using merge tags and building custom reports. Also included in the curriculum is a lesson on the benefits of blogging and guidance to proving social media ROI.

If you are looking to explore the core features of our tool, we recommend taking the Sendible Fundamentals course first. When you have completed both courses, take the Sendible Specialist Quiz.

What's included?

5 Quizzes
5 Surveys
19 Texts
Sendible Team
Sendible Team

About the instructor

Our team created this training course with new and existing Sendible users in mind. Its purpose is to both, introduce best practices of using our tool and cut the valuable time our clients spend when onboarding new team members.

We hope you learn a few new tricks and improve your daily social media management routine, so you have more time on looking for new opportunities and growing your business.

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