Sendible Fundamentals

Learn all key functions of our social media tool in seven steps.

It all starts with the desire to become better at what you do.

By taking this course, you will not only learn about Sendible but also become more efficient at executing your daily social media management tasks.

The Sendible Fundamentals course will take you through the core functionality of our tool - from scheduling posts, through to engaging on social and reporting. You will learn how to set up your networks, manage your editorial calendar and track your successes to share them with your team.

Once completed, we recommend taking the Sendible Advanced course to complete your knowledge of our tool and discover its ins and outs.

Course Curriculum

What's included?

7 Quizzes
7 Surveys
45 Texts
Sendible Team
Sendible Team

About the course

Our team created this training course with new and existing Sendible users in mind. Its purpose is to both, introduce best practices of using our tool and cut the valuable time our clients spend when onboarding new team members.

We hope you learn a few new tricks and improve your daily social media management routine, so you have more time on looking for new opportunities and growing your business.

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